Music For Astronauts and Cosmonauts (front cover)

Húbert Nói / Howie B – Music For Astronauts and Cosmonauts

Artist: Húbert Nói / Howie B
Title: Music For Astronauts and Cosmonauts
Format: 2xCD
Cat.Nr: Laton 042
Release date: 03.2007


CD 01
1. Countdown 03:05 (mp3) 1min
2. Take off 08:30 (mp3) 1min
3. Morning 22:30 (mp3) 1min
4. Day 22:30 (mp3) 1min
CD 02
5. Evening 22:30 (mp3) 1min
6. Night 22:30 (mp3) 1min
7. Into landing 04:30 (mp3) 1min

Recorded 1997-2002. Greenhouse studio Iceland
All tracks written by Húbert Nói & Howie B
Produced / mixed by Howie B, Co-production: Húbert Nói
Húbert Nói: Synthesizers, Keybords, Sequenzers
Howie B : Synthesizer, Sampler, Keybords, Drum Machine
Engineer: Valgeir Sigurdsson
Album & Cover concept: Húbert Nói
Cover design: Dóra Ísleifsdóttir

Music For Astronauts and Cosmonauts (back cover)

It takes 8,5 minutes to reach earth’s orbit (297km) in a space vehicle, from there it circulates earth in 90 minutes, this is a soundtrack for that journey.

This album is a collaboration of world renowned Britisch studio wizard, remixer and DJ Howie B, who has worked with the likes of U2, Björk, Brian Eno, Tricky, Sly and Robbie, Soul to Soul and islandic artist Húbert Nói who’s musical collaborations include Phsycic TV and HÖH aka Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson.
Howie B is for the first time working with the Icelandic artist Húbert Nói on a musical project. Before their lines crossed when Howie used one of Húbert’s paintings for the cover of his solo album “Music for babies” 1996.
“Music for Astronauts and Cosmonauts” is a soundtrack for a round journey in earths orbit (297 km above earth). The length of the tracks: “Morning”, “Day”, “Evening”, “Night” is 90 minutes (one round) that time-measure equals what takes 24 hours to see on earth (sunrise to sunrise).
The album’s 1st track is “Countdown”, 2nd track “Take off” 8,5 minutes (the actual rocket time from earth’s surface to earth’s orbit (297 Km), 3rd track is “Morning” 22,5 minutes. 4th track “Day” 22,5 minutes. 5th track “Evening” 22,5 minutes. 6th track Night 22,5 minutes (all in all 90 minutes, one circle around the Earth) and 7th track Into landing.

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