Húbert Nói

Húbert Nói’s earlier musical experiences include collaborations with Psychic TV and
HÖH aka Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson.
On Music For Astronauts and Cosmonauts he is working for the first time with Howie B on a musical project.
Their lines crossed when Howie used one of Húbert’s paintings for the cover of his solo album “Music for babies” 1996.
Húbert Nói who studied biology, chemistry and geology before changing direction into music and art told in an interview with Austrian Skug magazine that the idea for the record came when he heard the Icelandic/Canadian astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason described timings during a space mission in 1997.
Music For Astronauts and Cosmonauts is a real time soundtrack for take off and a round trip in earths orbit in a space vehicle.
It takes 8,5 minutes to reach earth’s orbit (297km) in a space vehicle, from there it circulates earth in 90 minutes, this is a soundtrack for that journey.

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