Maggots (cover)

CM von Hausswolff – Maggots / Maskar

Artist: CM von Hausswolff
Title: Maggots / Maskar
Format: CD
Cat.Nr: Laton 045
(Limited Collectors Edition)


01. Maggots / Maskar
02. Worms / Larver
03. Critical / Kritisk

Composer / Kompositör: CM von Hausswolff
Recorded at the castle in Stockholm, 2006
Photo (Labelprint) of CM von Hausswolff by F. Pomassl, Copenhagen, 2002
Cover artwork by Anna Ceeh and F. Pomassl made in St.Petersburg and Vienna, 2004-06

Note: Second conceptual album in a series exclusive for Laton
Attention: Contains original bag of thai maggots